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Bespoke nutrition | Functional medicine
Genetic, functional and nutritional testing

How much longer can you put up with your symptoms or illness?

Most people and most conditions and illnesses will respond to food, and many conditions can be reversed and improved by changing the way we eat. As unique individuals, we have our own unique nutritional needs so a personalised approach will bring more effective results than a generic bookshelf diet, many of which can leave you depleted or undernourished if they exclude certain food groups.

Would you like the answers you’ve always wanted about your health?

We are in an era of personalised health and doing your own tests means you can take control of your health and identify what may be causing your symptoms or illness, without a GP referral or long waiting lists. We provide a range of advanced clinical tests which are not readily offered by the NHS, giving you the opportunity to diagnose and treat your illness or condition, or to take steps to reduce your risk of future illness.

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“I’d been feeling really fatigued and under the weather for a few months, and was then diagnosed with sarcoidosis, but my consultant couldn’t offer any treatment. Jo showed me how to introduce new foods to support my immune system. I went for my 6 month scan last week and my consultant was stunned that all the inflammation in my lungs had gone! I feel so much better and have really loved trying different foods, and I haven’t had to give many things up!”


“I’ve been taking medications for many years. Jo has weaned me off omeprazole and I no longer have any digestive issues. I’m also winding down my steroid dose and using food to support my immune system through this process; my aches, pains, fatigue, blood pressure and other symptoms are now under control – at my age I expect to get a few things going on but I now know that some of my symptoms were caused by the medications which I didn’t actually need”


“Everyone talks about healthy eating but I didn’t realise that such a personalised approach to food can have such a magical impact! I have not been at all well but have taken Jo’s help on board with quite dramatic effects. You are a powerhouse of knowledge Jo”


“I thought I ate healthily…until I met Jo! She helped me cut through the confusing, and often conflicting, information that we are bombarded with, and has introduced me to new foods and ways of eating which really help to keep my energy levels and moods on a much more even keel! I didn’t realise that food could have such a big effect on the way I feel, think, and cope! And the cravings have gone”


“I didn’t realise that it was possible to get tested other than through my GP, or a hospital consultant, until a friend introduced me to Jo. After years of gut trouble and trips to my GP, we have solved the mystery. I can now eat more foods without my gut erupting, my skin and mood are brighter, and no more brain fog and fatigue! Its great to finally get the answers and feel good again”


“Informative and inspiring, I would highly recommend your talks to anyone! I may not retain all the fascinating insights in to how we can nourish ourselves, but I have taken away some key learnings. I would love to work with you on a one to one basis as I can see how I would benefit from a personalised approach to my own health and stress concerns. Let’s book something in please!”


“Everyone should do these tests! This is cutting edge and tells you so much about your health!”

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